SPLIT ENDS…..causes, removal, prevention and home remedies


  • Split ends or trichoptlosis which are found at the bottom end of your cutting line, these occur when the protective hair cuticle is damaged.
  • Hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft , this is the first line of defense against all forms of damage.
  • Cuticles are commonly damaged by excessive mechanical manipulation such as brushing, using heat or chemicals.
  • When hair is allowed to remain brittle, dry and under moisturized for extended periods of time, the cuticle begins to crack and unravel, exposing the cortex of hair.
  • This damaged hair shaft then split into multiple strands and can be up to an inch in length.
  • As your damaged hair grows, the protective oils of your scalp may not be able to get to the ends of your hair.
  • Once split ends start on your hair, they continue to split back up the hair towards the scalp.
  • Some hair types are more vulnerable to split ends especially dry hair.
  • If you think that hair is not growing fast, split ends can also be the one of the reason.

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